Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So for my presentation I will be bringing a friend/neighbor to show off his stereo system to the class. And for that he will be helping me demonstrate on how to install and listen to it loudly. After that he will show what he has in the back of his truck. But if you listen they just are not the cheap subwoofers that you can get from bestbuy but they are expensive ones that even dashboard had to order just for him to get he also has two memphis mojo amps that are each pushing 4000 watts each. Also I will be demonstrating on how to wire things up that will make it sound thirty times better. But for my friend he will be saying like whats all in the the system such as the subs box if ported is better or if sealed is better or what will be best for your car if you ask. He will also explain the types of wiring and what is the best for certain types. Also if by then I have my subs in I will be showing you my subs in my car and what type they are how many decibals it hits and what kind of earth rattling system you can put into a small car if you have a small car instead of a truck.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Would you ever want to have a loud stereo system in your car?
Which brands are better than others? Really none are better than others its just the more you have the better it gets. And Walmart really is'nt htat bad its just not the greatest you can get. And you might not even like Kicker, Memphis, or even Diamond Audio. So Walmart might even be better than everything else is what you think.